Suggestions Regarding Amendments by UGC-ABRSM

The Higher Education Wing of the ABRSM has taken a
serious view of the form of amendments carried out in UGC
Regulation 2010. It unequivocally demands immediate
suspension of the notification regarding amendments and
discussion on this specific issue between UGC and ABRSM be
initiated. The amendments are irrational and will play havoc
with the situation of higher education in the country In this
regard, we submit the following:
1. The amendments carried out in Section 3 and 4 and
Appendix Ill relating to API / PBAS system is in
contravention of Section 15 of the UGC Regulation 2010.
2. Any Ph.D degree awarded by a recognized university /
Institution in accordance with the then prevailing norms be
considered at par with the Ph.D as per the Ph.D Regulation
2009 without any condition.
3. The second amendment to the UGC Regulation 2010 related
to API Capping be withdrawn with effect from notification
date 13th June 2013.
4. The third amendment to the UGC Regulation 2010 in the
form of workload for university and college teachers at the
cost of research and co-curricular activities is in
contravention of Section 15 of the UGC Regulation 2010.
The ABRSM (Higher Education Wing) demands restoration
of 12/14/16 hours per week workload respectively for
Professors / Associate Professors / Assistant Professors
without modifying number of hours for practical / tutorials/
5. The students’ feedback of teachers as proposed in the third
amendment notification needs to be reconsidered in its
6. The filling of all vacant positions through regular
appointments in place of ad-hoc / temporary / part time /
contractual teachers be expedited as soon as possible in a
time bound manner.
7. The ABRSM (Higher Education Wing) demands UGC to
resolve all anomalies arisen out of implementation of sixth
pay recommendations.
8. The five year tenure appointment of Principals is irrational
and the ABRSM (Higher Education Wing) reiterates its
demand to reconsider this matter seriously.

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