ABRSM Present charter of demands to PM on April 25

The Akhil Bhartiya Rashtriya Shakshik Mahasangh (ABRSM) will be submitting the charter of demands to the Prime Minister at Delhi on April 25, informed Joint General secretary, Prof. K. Balkrishna Bhatt. Briefing the media at Margao on 25th March, 2013 he said that the Goa Shikshak Parishad supports the national mahasangh. “Teachers of different states have different problems. There is no uniformity in the retirement age. The salaries also differ,” he said. Prof. Bhatt said that in all, there are 15 demands which need to be given special attention and said that a copy of the demands would be circulated through all the MPs at the centre for consideration in Parliament.Their demands include that all the present education cur-riculum be restructured by incorporating national identity, Indian values, human and character building social concerns, original thinking , research and innovation; an autonomous and independent regulatory commission consisting of educationists be established at national and state levels to regulate and control the education system; fifteen per cent of GDP by the central government and 30 per cent of the state budget be spent on education, so as to make basic amenities like teachers, books, playground, building, etc, available to the students; autonomy of education be restored across the country and the participation of teachers in decisions pertaining to education be ensured and political and administrative interference be stopped; primary education be imparted in the mother tongue; the provisions of right to free and compulsory education act be made consistent and practical and to ensure its proper implementation. Other demands include various teaching positions in colleges be made uniform throughout the country; treasury payment facilities be provided to the teachers of aided colleges and schools; commercial education be controlled; uniform national pay scale policy be implemented; teacher-student ratio to be maintained; superannuation be made 65 across the country; the January 2004 pension scheme be revived; teachers be provided free health care; and minimum salary and proper service conditions be determined and implemented to the teachers working in different names including contract.

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